Friday, March 30, 2012

The geese are back.  I love seeing them.  I'm not sure where they go in the summer I think its Florida and sure enough every year at this time we hear them honking as they fly overhead on their way still further north.  One this morning I watched him way up high as he soared into the sky ..... he must have found a patch of air because he stopped flying and just glided around and around for quite a while.  I guess he can rest up a bit when the air is under his wings and he can just more or less sit there doing nothing.   They are so beautiful and so clever.   Great waves of them come across the sky .. like flying ribbons waving back and forth.  Hundreds and thousands of them.  

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I watched Titanic movie last night. Shed lots of tears .. it was such an emotional movie and I'd not seen it since it came out in 2002 I think it was.  It's still hard to believe that its 100 years since its sinking in 1912.  So many strange things happened on that trip. The captain for instance had already run 3 other ships aground before he took over the ship... there were no binoculars on board..(they got left on the pier in Southhampton) .. all of them in a box. 

There was also a fire on board even before they left on their journey .. the fire was in the coal .. and it took days to control. They should never have started on the trip.  There were not enough life boats (we all know that) .. but many of them were not outfitted with the proper provisions.   Nobody seemed to take any notice of the wireless warnings of ice bergs (in a 40 mile area).  They wanted to break the record for crossing the Atlantic.    So many odd happenings ... it was almost like the ship was doomed from the start. 
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Monday, March 26, 2012

A little image for you .... such a pretty young girl. Makes one wonder what her name was, how she lived, where she lived, what happened in her lifetime.... how old was she when she died... and her family ...  

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I've just finished a book about the Titanic and every time I do research into it I learn so much more.  The book is about the personal stories of survivors and its enthralling to read about what really happened and how they dealt with the catastrophe.  One person at the investigation said that a big Newfoundland black dog had been swimming around the ocean for about 3 hours ... yet he still managed to bark ... to attract attention.... when one of the lifeboats drifted under the bow of the Carpathia ship which had come to help with the rescue.  The people on board the ship did not know the lifeboat was under the bow and had they not heard the dog barking all might have been killed or crushed by the boat.   Amazing stories...  the big beautiful dog survived although his owner perished on board the Titanic. 

Many other dogs were saved by their owners... I guess they were small ones and there was even a baby pig saved... they don't know where it came from or whose it was but one lady rescued it from the water and cuddled it in  her coat.  Many of the survivors were in their night attire ... and almost all of the lifeboats had the women as rowers because no men were put on the boats .. it was women and children.  Some of the ladies who took over the oars were fancy, rich New Yorkers in their fur coats and jewels ...   stunning stories of survival... terror, screams of the dying and those awaiting the rescue which never arrived in time.    

Nearing the 100 anniversary of the sinking on the 15th April 1912 ... I think its all about remembering the lost souls .. those who saved others yet perished ... God bless them all.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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It will soon be the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  I still can't believe that its back east here in Canada... off Newfoundland .... out there .. 2 miles down in the dark depths of the ocean.  I'm fascinated by it all and am definitely obsessed with it... as I am with Jack the Ripper.   There are some good documentaries coming out so I'm looking forward to seeing it all.   I did a lot of research today on the Titanic and Robert Ballard who discovered the wreck said it was "the shoes" that got to him and made him obsessed with it all as well.  The shoes that were down in the silt of the ocean ... still in their pairs .. a child's next to a mothers ...  Compelling reading if you have time to do some internet searching.  One can only imagine the jewels and the finery that was lost ..being worn by the people on board and the magnificent furnishings and cargo which included 20 or more vintage vehicles.  The statistics on it all are amazing.... Such a tragedy and so sad for all the relatives of the people lost. 

After leaving Southampton on 10 April 1912, Titanic called at Cherbourg in France and Queenstown, Ireland before heading westwards towards New York. On 14 April 1912, four days into the crossing and about 375 miles south of Newfoundland, she hit an iceberg at 11:40 pm (ship's time; UTC-3). The glancing collision caused Titanic's hull plates to buckle inwards in a number of locations on her starboard side and opened five of her sixteen watertight compartments to the sea. Over the next two and a half hours, the ship gradually filled with water and sank. Passengers and some crew members were evacuated in lifeboats, many of which were launched only partly filled. A disproportionate number of men – over 90% of those in Second Class – were left aboard due to a "women and children first" protocol followed by the officers loading the lifeboats. Just before 2:20 am Titanic broke up and sank bow-first with over a thousand people still on board. Those in the water died within minutes from hypothermia caused by immersion in the freezing ocean. The 710 survivors were taken aboard from the lifeboats by the RMS Carpathia a few hours later.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

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Gosh another week has come and gone...
Our snow is definitely melting and I can even see some grass at the edges of trees and near our steps etc but its a long way yet before it is green grass and my flowers are blooming.  I'm really looking forward this year to sitting out on my deck with my old Dozer dog and we can both enjoy our lunch out there in the sunshine or shade ... and enjoy the birds and the potted plants.  It's such a long time without a pretty bloom to cheer one's days.  I hope my forget me nots are thick and beautiful this year. I love those little guys. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

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Gosh the news gets so depressing. Just heard that the American indians have been grated permission to kill bald eagles for religious purposes.  What a crock !!! It is more likely to be the same as the Japanese killing whales for "research purposes".  Really who do they think they are kidding.  These beautiful creatures are magnificent and don't deserve to be killed.  Eagles or whales or any wildlife just for the enjoyment of the killer.  Then I heard another story about Donald Trumps sons going to Africa and killing a heap of animals like beautiful elephants. One of them is holding the elephants tail up for a photograph.   They need to get a life. This type of cruelty makes me so mad ........   I liked Donald Trump but not anymore ..... he should have taught his sons to treat animals better ... surely with all the money the Trump empire has they could find something better to do with their time than kill defenceless creatures for sport.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Four years today since my beautiful, beloved Wilbur dog passed away. I can't believe its already been that long.  The last I saw of him alive was in the back seat when he tried to stand up .. he was lying down sick and dying yet he wanted so bad to be up and to be able to look at me.  With all his strength he managed to stand, and we stopped the vehicle and I got in the back with him and he died in my arms.  My little Aussie mate had a wonderful time in the snow here in Canada even though he was frightened of it all in the beginning. He came with me on the Qantas plane to Hawaii from Tasmania and then on Air Canada to Vancouver.  Sleep peacefully my sweet little guy .....  I miss you every single day of my life.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend ...   and our snow is melting thank goodness.  I can even see a tiny piece of grass underneath .. even if it is a yukky colour and not green yet. I'm always amazed at how quickly the grass and flowers grow in the spring ... it seems like they have an extra burst of speed to grow, get their leaves and buds and then bloom before the winter comes back again which it surely will soon enough.  I have lots of forget me nots hopefully this year, some lilacs and some bulbs so I'll be eagerly awaiting their appearance.  And tonight of course we put our clocks forward for Spring. 
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Friday, March 9, 2012

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Isn't this an elegant and sweet way to feed the birds....  A teacup on a pretty post.  Fill it up with the seeds they love and it would make a wonderful addition to your garden area. I might have to do this myself ... I've got lots of teacups I could use or I might find another few at some yard sales this spring and summer.All you have to do is glue the cup and saucer together then glue the saucer to the post.

I'm sure the hungry little birds would love it....

Friday, March 2, 2012

Such sadness today as more than 78 tornados make their way across the United States. One or more towns are completely gone.  Destruction like never seen before. It will go down in history. From the Gulf right up to the north east.  Seems like they are never going to stop touching down and destroying everything in their path.  They must be bad enough in the daylight but to have one coming at you in the darkness ... only hearing it not seeing it.... what the heck do you do.  
At these times I always get so sad too for the animals.  :-(
To lose your beloved possessions, family, friends, homes, everything you cherish and take care of ....  gone ......................