Friday, April 29, 2011

Please remember to click on the animal rescue pages and help out with food and shelter for them. It's all free for you to do.  They need us all the more now after the devastation in the southern USA states .. I can't bear to think about it all. 

Mother's Day coming up soon. Gosh these years go by so quickly.  I'm not a mother and not even a real grandma so that day always invokes memories of trying to have children unsuccessfully and the heartbreak involved.

I  hope that all the mum's who read my blog have a wonderful day with their children and families.

You could always ask your children to buy you a hat like Princess Beatrice's below here.... It's hilarious....  Maybe her own mum (Sarah Ferguson) should buy her a mirror so she can see more closely next time how silly her headwear looks. It's not the first time she's worn something weird like this one.  Can you imagine in years to come when she looks back on the photos what she will think perhaps and wonder what the hell was I thinking.   :-)

What the heck was Princess Beatrice thinking wearing this monstrosity.It's even got it's own Facebook page already....   Didn't she look in the mirror. I think it's hilarious. Looks a bit like a loo seat.  Some of the royal wedding hats were stunning but definitely not this one....   I loved Kate's pretty dress ... William and Harry's sneaky glances at each other and an all round feeling that they were enjoying the festivities.  It was a nice change from the over the top (like the hat) former protocol and stuffiness.  They were a breath of fresh air for the royal family.  All the happiness to you both.

The two princesses... Eugenie and Beatrice.  They sure do have their mum's lack of style .. (Sarah Ferguson).

Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Complete devastation this morning in the lower USA states.  In the month of April they have had over 600 tornadoes.  Thousands injured and hundreds (so far) have been killed.  I can't believe the images I'm seeing on the telly.   Keep the people in your prayers.  Beautiful homes destroyed, schools, whole towns, gone. Millions without power, water and other amenities.  One can only imagine the noise of these things ...    When I see damage and injuries like this it makes me wonder how politicians.. especially Obama .. who recently said he is expecting to raise one billion dollars... (that's B for billion) for his campaign.  Can you imagine that ... what an obscene waste of money just to get himself elected again... when all that money could go to helping these people with new homes etc.   It all seems backwards to me...   they help out foreign countries to the tune of billions of dollars when its the USA that needs the help now and always.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Have you got the teapot ready and some fancy cups and saucers so you can enjoy the Royal Wedding soon.  I don't know if I'll be able to stay awake to watch it but it sure will be replayed over and over "till the cows come home" ... I'm sure of that.  It might be the thing to do up here in the woods... watch the telly ... because with snow coming down today there's not a lot else to actually do.  The deer must be wondering what the heck is going on and the mum bears must be ready to take their little ones back inside their hibernation area. 

I watched a show last night about grizzly bears in Yellowstone Park and the bears were actually falling asleep because it was time to hibernate. I thought they would just go inside their hideout and sleep then but they had followed these guys for a couple of years and it was funny to watch them sitting on the grass falling asleep waiting for the time to hibernate.  It was way past their "bedtime".   I sure wish I could sleep all winter and wake up half as skinny.  The fun would be in the eating before hibernation. I could wolf down heaps of chocolates, cookies, cakes and all that delicious stuff I can't have .. then wake up five months later all thin and rested and ready to wolf down some more.   LOL....
A very pretty, vibrant, vintage desktop wallpaper for you.  Hot off the press as they say.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aren't they the funniest things... sweet little darlings. Anywhere is fine to sleep in ... how can it possibly be comfortable in a plant pot.  Gotta love them all.

We have some wild ducks enjoying the deer's corn this afternoon.  Deer still coming ... along with the crane's that land in the field behind us.  Also we have seen a few moose out and about. I love those big guys.  Everything however, is looking pretty shaggy losing their fur for the summer.  It's like they have been to the beauty parlor and only had half of their hair-do's done....

I'm so looking forward to getting my plants in and blooming.
I guess it's the sleeping season. Taking a nap seems to be the thing to do... and of course I do it as well.  Although not like this fellow.  With a belly like that to carry around wonder he needs a nap. 
well I guess that's the end of those flowers...  so funny .... bless his heart .. I guess they are nice and soft and a good place to rest weary bones.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A really pretty photo of the deer today.  They are getting very scrappy looking with their fur thinning out. It was nice to see them because they should have really gone up into the hills by now until next winter but the frosts have continued to come each morning and the temperatures are low still and there is not much green grass or green anything for them to eat. 

You can click on the images and see them super size.... just as I photographed them from my new swing seat up on the deck.   They come from the field through the little gate at the bottom right corner ...
It's quite a treat to have them visit.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I keep finding pretty hats.... and adding them to my head is so much fun. If you would like the hat tube let me know.  It looks like a fluffy winter woolly type of concoction .. actually I have one similar to it that came with a scarf and mittens.  I added some pink flowers to the top and have worn it a few times here in the winter.   Lots of fun using vintage images to add to modern ones ...
My little deer keep returning.... and I won't be surprised if the big fat girl deer comes in one day with a beautiful little spotted baby tagging along.  That would be magnificent.  In the meantime I'm thinking they'll all be like lawn ornaments soon if the weather keeps improving and they still find it "necessary" to come visit for more corn.  So funny ....

I was sitting on the deck yesterday watching the deer .. when some wild ducks came into the yard to also get the corn.  Geese flew over head .. honking as they went.... the squirrel was in the biggest bird feeder snavelling up the sun flower seeds .... a cat came out from around the corner of the shed next door, birds were chirping their little heads off ...  and lo and behold ... a big ginger rabbit from the kids house close by came hopping across the lawn. His name is Theodore.. He's lovely and big and fat.   What a scenario......  I thought I was at the Zoo.   lol   ...
I hope you all have a happy Easter.  Gosh the months go by so quickly and then the years pass us by before we even know it. Already its been one year since the disastrous oil spill in the gulf and I wonder if any of the wildlife and fish etc have recovered at all from the consequences.  

And then there is Kate and William's royal wedding next week.  Are you going to be watching.  I remember sitting up with some friends watching Diana and Charles's wedding ... and thinking what a shame it was when she emerged from that glass carriage that her beautiful dress was all wrinkled up and creased. It really didn't look good at all.  Now I heard the other day that they had not prepared for the dress to be all crumpled up in the carriage.  Well what did they expect ... after all the train on the dress was 28 feet long.   Kate's is not expected to be that long.  She seems a nice girl.. so I'm wishing them happiness and joy.  She sure is losing weight and is so very thin.  Might be another Diana with an eating disorder.  Oh well... I guess we shall just have to wait and see but the royal family doesn't have a very good record when it comes to marriages and divorces.

One thing I did enjoy that dealt with royalty this week was the movie "The King's Speech". It was really nice so if you get a chance to watch it I'm sure you will enjoy it.  He was Elizabeth and Margaret's father and he could not speak in public (or private) without stuttering.   There was also Wallace Simpson who stole his brother's heart and when he abdicated from the throne it became his job to take over as the King.  So he had to try and get his stuttering cured.  Makes you wonder what they have to deal with...... whether they enjoy it or not it's their duty .....   I'm mighty glad I'm not from royal stock.  It wouldn't be the life for me....
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some easter images if you are collecting those.
I wish the bunny would come visit me this weekend. I sure do love chocolate...

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Gotta love this big guy taking a nap on the front porch... so funny.  It was from back east in Ontario, Canada. He certainly has made himself at home ... no need for a guard dog. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Seven a.m. and I looked out the window of our little boot room ... across the deck and down to the yard where the deer come for food (from me).  One solitary little darling stood there looking at the house and at the window where I usually peer out to see if some of them are there.  He is such a cute little darling and he's almost as fluffy as a big fat cat.  The snow was coming down and it was landing on his eyelashes and face.  He was hungry and he doesn't get much chance at the food if the other deer come with him.

 I'm so glad he's clever enough to know to come on his own so he can get the food. They don't like crossing the stream that has spread out considerably since the tiny bit warmer weather.  It's only about 12 inches deep but they prefer to walk around it if they can.  I sure do love them... and I'm so surprised that they are still coming for food.  Who knows....?   I might have spoilt them so much this winter with the yummy corn they like so much they might end up coming through the summer as well.   If they do I'll need to get a job to pay for their food.   LOL....  
A desktop wallpaper for you... Ava Gardner... I still can't believe she was married
to Mickey Rooney.  They seem such an odd couple.
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I took a photo for you all ....  to show you the pretty chandelier I got at a garage sale last summer for just $10.  I have shown it before but we'd not had it installed.... so now its up and looking great.  I love the brightness too if we need a decent light ... or else just turn down the dimmer switch for something soft and sweet.  Our little home is very modest but it's cozy and warm, and very comfortable.  I try to decorate it like the house I had in Australia with lots of white and in a shabby chic mode.    

Heavens ... we woke up this morning in our little northern town in British Columbia to a foot or more of snow.  I took a photo of that as well.   It was so funny.  I looked out and saw my deck furniture covered completely... and I'm guessing the little deer will be returning today in a whole herd because there is nowhere to find food when the conditions are like this.  Mid April ... it should be nice sunny weather.  But hey!  I love the snow so it doesn't matter. It will soon be gone again (hopefully) and the lawn can get growing.  It's weird too that when you take a photo of snow it always comes out blue.   I haven't even put the glass top on my table yet .. and just as well.  And my bird feeders are completely covered over.  You can click on both the images here to see them larger.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Whoopee!!!   new dishwasher is in and my garage sale find ... my pretty chandelier ... is now up and looking so pretty. Not bad for a $10 bargain.  I'm looking forward to the summer and more garage sales .. they are such fun.  Usually we have lots of them in the same streets which is good and one time last summer the whole street had a huge one.  There is also one that is too large for anywhere else and its held in a field just outside of town and it goes for a week.  I've managed to get lots of bargains over the years at that one. 
Happy Easter to all my Blog Readers .. don't eat too many chockies.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another card to add to your collection.
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Good heavens .. these pilots who are encountering air traffic controllers asleep on the job. One yesterday in the USA was transporting a desperately ill patient and could not contact anyone at the tower.  He had to make a landing without help from the tower.  That's deplorable and it's happening every day at hundreds of USA airports.  What the hell is going on.... with all the unemployment one would think they could hire two people at least so both don't go to sleep at the same time.  And even that is a ludicrous statement.  Urgh!!! doesn't say much for safety and what about terrorists coming in on these planes. What is there to stop them from landing and doing harm.  
A cute little bear birthday card for you to save and send to your pals.
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I don't know who the artist is but he sure is a cutie.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brave and kind people in Japan are trying to get to animals left when people had to evacuate. I don't understand at all how they could even go without taking them with them.  I don't know how many but I saw on Fox or CNN news that they were trying to get food to the dogs left behind.  Life is so cruel.  Poor little things they would be better of dead if nobody loves them now or wants them.   I couldn't read the article any further.  My old heart cries out for them to be helped ......  One thing in the world I cannot stand nor tolerate is animals suffering and they sure do in ever increasing numbers.   Please remember to go click on the rescue site... IT COSTS NOTHING ... advertisers pay for food and shelter for so many animals in need.  Please just click and you will give them food.  :-(
Happy days ....   got a new dishwasher today. At long last.  Even though we wash up the dishes several times a day I absolutely hated having dishes in the sink no matter how few there were. Now I can get back to having the washer hold them till evening and wash them all at once.  Gosh we take these clever devices for granted. Stuff we use every day ....  Plumber coming in the morning to not only install the dishwasher but to fix our leaky kitchen tap.  

Deer came today ... I sure do love seeing them. On our trip north to get the dishwasher there were deer on the side of the road.  A herd of them were standing up on a little embankment above the highway and I hated the thought that they might try to cross in the traffic. 

One further along the highway came right down and was nearly treading on the road when he saw the vehicles and stopped thank goodness.  I couldn't look on the way home just in case he got hit by a vehicle. There were several coming on his side of the road as we continued our journey. 

We've got rainy, crappy weather.  Looks like our spring/summer has come to a standstill and winter is having a last fling.  There was so much snow on the gorgeous mountains. Don't forget I love to get feedback from my blog ... so drop me a few words in the comment section if you have time.    I have been enjoying my Kindle immensely.   It's wonderful.  But I noticed yesterday they came out with a cheaper version if you want to put up with having advertisements on it when you put it in sleep mode or when you turn it on.  They actually didn't look too bad ... but for just $25 cheaper than the version I got I think I'd pay the extra and not have the ads.   But they do offer lots of special offers and bargains with it so  if you are wanting a Kindle now might be the time to buy one.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A pretty desktop wallpaper for you...
Nothing like having a gorgeous teapot or teaset. 
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Surprise, surprise this morning. Woke up to a whole pile of snow. We thought spring had sprung and summer was on its way only to be shocked when we looked out the window to see everything once again covered in nearly a foot of the white stuff.  I love it and I don't think I've ever seen my garden furniture with snow on it.  So much for sitting out there reading with my Kindle..sipping tea... I can't find the table... lol......

 I'll have to wait now till it all melts but golly gosh... its absolutely gorgeous looking at the trees shimmering in the sunshine and the stream and little ponds iced over.  I might have to venture back out and take some photographs.  Just gorgeous.  My little deer have already come by the look of all the footprints around the yard.  They'll be back.  Whenever it snows they turn up.   It's good that we have lots of corn for them because winter it seems isn't quite over yet.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Talk about Obama's birth certificate. He won't show it.  Why!!!!  Put us all out of our misery and show us the original one...  I find it all very strange that its been kept such a secret.  Nothing would surprise me these days.  Donald Trump has set a bunch of detectives to find out more about it.... let's hope he does.  Put an end to the speculation one way or another. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

A surprise bunch of visitors today ... six of the deer returned.  It was a surprise because the snow is melting and has formed sort of a miniature lake out in the field and they have to cross it to get to my yard.  A couple of them must have walked the long way around but four of the smaller guys braved the cracking and very noisey ice on the water to get to the corn.  I kept telling them it was safe and not very deep and they would be okay and the more I talked the further they ventured into the water.  Two of them took a huge leap where the water got a bit deeper .....  and the others were so scared and timid.   They all looked a bit bedraggled but I think that was mainly because they were wet up to their bellies ....  their fur was laid back and wet in strands and they did not look comfortable.  Poor little things .. they wanted to come into my yard so bad.  Eventually they got there and enjoyed the corn ..........   I thought by now they would be gone for good till winter begins again at the end of the year so it was a lovely surprise to see them so soon ...... *(s)

Another surprise yesterday in the field were Canadian geese.  They are wonderfully beautiful as they fly overhead making their noise and staying in the huge V shape flying through the sky.  But a whole bunch of them landed close to us for a short rest or perhaps to find some food in the newly showing grasses.  There were so many of them............  they are so pretty too and so clever to fly away for the winter and return again when the snow is melting.  I am not sure exactly where they go but I think its somewhere like Florida.  Canada geese usually start migrating south when the ground begins to freeze in the fall. The trip to the wintering grounds is a quick one—scientists have tracked geese that have flown up to 1,000 km in one day!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

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I love this one. It's gentle and soft and "kind". 
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It's horrible when they turn off the water. We were notified yesterday that we'd not have any water for about 3 hours this morning but I still forgot and had to use the water from the kettle to clean my teeth, then I put my make up on and needed to wash my hands... luckily I found some of those travelling towellettes that make your hands clean .. they are wonderful.  I always use them after I come out of the supermarket from shopping.  A program I saw one day said shopping trolley's, or buggies or whatever you want to call the carts we use to pile our groceries in ... were  the dirtiest thing on the planet.  Anyway I had to go without my cup of tea this morning,  and couldn't flush the toilet.  Yikes .. !!  we take the water for granted.  I was so glad when it came back on. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Strange little hat for her.
I'm  addicted to hats, especially those huge Victorian ones. 
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kathryn had fun with my hat tube... she sent me her photo and isn't she gorgeous.  I love these pretty hats and I guess I'll be sharing some more of them when I get around to making more images wearing them.  At the moment I've hooked completely on my Kindle and have spent hours downloading free books from Amazon.  Housework can wait ....*(s)   Thanks Kathryn for showing us your pretty face ...
You can visit her lovely website by clicking here.
A sad news item today ... back east in Ontario there is a little three year old boy lost in the snow. He's deaf and can't speak either. Poor little guy.  I hate hearing things like that. They don't hold out much hope for him and they think he may have fell into a river near his home.  Keep him in your prayers. They still might find him taking shelter somewhere but gosh how terrible for him and the family. He can't cry out or hear helicopters looking for him ... let's hope the dogs find him.  They are so clever.  Bless his little heart .....
An image from .... Sentimentals Collection .....
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Monday, April 4, 2011


Perhaps he's shy or  he's trying to hide from something delicious. 

Beautiful photo.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Desktop for you... gosh I've shared so many here on my blog I'm beginning to forget which ones are already here. Oh well... if you want this one click on the image to see it larger and save or install it from there.
We have snow today .. and I've just put out my garden furniture.  I thought the snow was gone along with my beautiful little deer.  Maybe they will turn up again.... maybe the sun will shine tomorrow and I can get bike riding ... maybe ... maybe... maybe....  oh well... I guess old man winter does not want to leave us quite yet.
I've spent most of the weekend downloading books from Amazon. I am loving my little Kindle.  I think half the fun is surfing Amazon and finding all the freebies you can download in 60 seconds. I think that is so clever.    I have 73 so far and I'll read every one of them.  Many authors have promotional things happening and for a limited time you can get a copy of their earlier books or one of them at least .... I guess it means if you enjoy the book and like the author then you can then purchase any others you like.  I think that is great. 

You get to sample the writing technique and story lines and one of my favourite things to read are books that have recurring characters in them like Anne Perry's married couple, or Victoria Thompson's midwife and detective....or M C Beaton's wonderful Agatha Raisin character who seems to always be solving murders in the English Cottswolds.    You open the book and its like you are visiting with old friends. I think that's a sure method of gaining fans and selling more of your books.    *********   Now all I need to do is the housework I've put off .... and reading my emails.  *******

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I thought my new Kindle I received yesterday was not working this morning..... Oh dear !!!!    But after some internet research and a press of a reset button it came up fine again and all is good.   I probably overloaded it last night surfing Amazon and downloading heaps of books.  I purchased just two and then began my freebie search.  Thousands of them.  I got lots of historical dramas, mysteries and of course a few Sherlock Holmes stories .... romances and all sorts of fictions.   I love it....  and the best part of all I think is having somone read to me.  You can choose a male or female voice and for some reason I liked the man talking to me better..... so now when I wake in those early morning hours and can't get back to sleep I can turn on my Kindle and have someone read a story to me.   How cool is that .. !!!!   I'm all set now for the summer ... and all I have to do today is put my swing seat thingy up on the deck and bring out the rest of the garden furniture.     Click on the card above if you wish to save it ... and you will see it original size.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Yipee... my new Kindle arrived today.  I'm so excited to have it.  With failing eyesight it will be a god send because I am finding it more difficult each day to enjoy the books I read.  It arrived ...  and alas... my deer have departed.  Bless their big bright eyes ... they have headed for the hills now that the snow has melted quite a bit and they have grass to eat.  I ventured out in the field yesterday to see if there were any small rivers flowing yet from the melted snow but all I got was stuck .... because the snow was deceptively hard on top like a big fat crust but underneath it was soft like marshmallow so every step I took ... down I went and couldn't get myself out of it.  I had to crawl along the crust on my hands and knees as best I could .. which was no easy task when your hands go down into the depths of the snow and your chin ends up touching the ice.  I thought to myself good heavens if a wolf came along he could have me for dinner because I had no way of escaping.

Luckily I managed to get upright eventually so I could plod my way home gingerly without disappearing again into the snow.  No wonder my deer have gone... poor little darlings wouldn't have much hope of escaping the lighter predators like coyotes and wolves in packs if they ended up trapped like I was. The wolves can run on top but the moose and deer get trapped very easily.  I'm glad they have gone in a way because it means they aren't hungry and perhaps are snacking now in the sunshine.  I'll miss them for sure.... till next winter.