Friday, July 31, 2009

Is this not love !!!!
A mother dog and her little pups... all mingled in with a little squirrel who needed someone to care for it.
I love my little wild squirrel who comes to visit each day .... I'm not all that sure that he's interested in me .. :-) its the sunflowers he comes for ... but he is funny to watch especially when he's trying to steal the seeds from the hanging feeder and there's not all that much room for him up in the air. Sweet little darlings... all of them in this photo.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Our little Connor came to visit today. It had been a few weeks since I had seen him up close and was surprised to see how tanned he was. His little legs were brown as berries (as we would say back in Oz). And he's getting tall .... might be like his old grandpa.

Poor old MJ. Michael .... what exactly were you like. With so many media reports it's difficult to know who you really were. Seeing the clips of you and your children tends to make one feel a little different towards you. It brings you into the realm of what most of the rest of us are like.... you were just an ordinary father with an extraordinary talent for singing, dancing, and making money. Now everyone and his cat .... seems to be jumping onto your bandwagon to see what they can gain from your death. So much confusion, so much contradiction ..... from your life style, abusive father, loving mother, real identity of your children, DNA, baldness, noseless, penniless or rich, lies from all concerned, doctors prescriptions, Who were you really !!!!! I very much doubt that any of us will ever know. Each day I see more crap coming out about this or that ........ for heavens sake your family can't even decide where to bury you. Rest in Peace Michael.... I think deep down you were a kind man who had such a weird childhood .....weird family ... but you sure were loved by millions around the world.
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We are having unprecedented hot weather here in British Columbia. Some places down south have recorded over 40 degrees celsius ........ it's been so hot here at home it is making me feel quite sick. Last evening I got into the cool water of a bath ... lying there thinking about how long does it take for skin to go wrinkly, or for me to get water logged... :-) I couldn't even stay in the water for as long as I wanted to because the bathroom seemed to be so hot. It wasn't until about 2 a.m. that the temperatures cooled decently down enough to get some sleep. So..... bright and early this morning hubby and I ventured out on our bikes to get some exercise before the debilitating heatwave again today crept over us. The heat is still expected to stay with us till this time next week ............ how long can an old woman last ....... slowly being melted away each day till nothing is left of her. Oh well....... it makes me not want to eat ..... so perhaps I'm losing some weight. I WANT SNOW ..... SNOW AND MORE SNOW....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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You can click on the image to see it full size and save it from there. It's from the "Whispers from the Woods" Collection at I love this little lady ... :-) She was fun to design and create ....I hope you like it and can use it to send to your family and friends....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Me on the Road

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boy oh boy do I love my new bike. I don't think I've ever had a brand new one from the store. All throughout my life they have been old second hand ones. My last one that I've been riding around on for the past 4 years or so was so difficult to pedal. Something sinister was wrong with the gears and some times it was like someone spread super glue on the road. I just couldn't get pedalling no matter how hard I tried.
Yesterday we found a pretty pink and white ladies one at a sale for just under $100 ...... so it came home with this Aussie girl who immediately added a nice wicker basket to the handlebars so she could take her books back to the library or perhaps go over to the store for bread or whatever. This morning Brian and I went for a long ride over to the seven eleven store so we could put some air in the tyres ..... and all the way home I was gliding along with hardly any effort at all. I could even go up over the hills I'd previously not been able to conquer. Now I'm a wicked, wild, bike riding woman who can't be stopped. :-)) How lovely it is.............

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sweet little birds today were looking for a cool drink. I always have a bowl of water for them in their large bird feeder. It is sooooooooooo hot out there I'm hating it. It might be alright if our truck had air conditioning, or we had it in the house or I wandered around in my shorts .... none of which happens.... or perhaps sailed out to sea on our yacht, or spent time on the beach in the shade of a beautiful beach house. But no....... when none of those things are possible .... it really gets a bit miserable. I've had enough of it back home in Australia and find here in Canada it seems to come all at once.
There doesn't seem to be any gradual ride into the heat filled days... and I sure do feel sorry for the wild animals like the bears and moose etc. that are driven nearly insane by the amount of bugs they have to deal with. Thank goodness there are plenty of lovely lakes, rivers and streams for them to get into. I think they would spend most of their restful parts of the day hidden in the darkness and coolness of the black undergrowth at the bottom of the trees. You can't see a foot in front of you in there......... one could literally come across a black bear and not even know he was a foot in front of you. It's spectacularly cool in there. We have a heat wave for the rest of this week so I'm not at all looking forward to it.

Friday, July 24, 2009

How nice this evening .... out in the coolness of a very hot day have my Brian on a bicycle beside me whilst we pedalled down the road and back home. It was very hot in the house and so nice to get out and get some cool breeze on us. This morning our friend came to visit and brought us his bike ... he said he didn't want it anymore and perhaps it would be good for us to have.... Yes wow!!! I loved having company on my usual ride down the road. We'll both be going riding more often now ... in an effort to keep fit and enjoy the summer weather. A real treat !!!!!!!! :-)
I said hello to a doggie sitting in his driveway and some horses in the field .... and tomorrow we'll head off over to the library with some dvd's we borrowed .......................................

Gosh whoever invented putting furniture in bits into boxes .. to assemble yourself .. ought to be shot. What a job. It was way worse than last year when we had to assemble our shed.... which seemed to have a thousand different size screws, bits of metal, weird instructions, nothing matching, holes where they weren't supposed to be ....... we were getting desperate to finish that job ... but yesterday we bought a chest of drawers and that came in a flat, heavy box. Took us about 6 hours to put the darn thing together. Please if anyone sees me in another shop about to buy something in a box that needs assembling .... ring the police and have me arrested. :-)) Or sent to a mental asylum because if I don't exactly need admitting there at the time I surely will when the project is completed and ready for use.
It didn't help that the day was hot ... we were exhausted and frustrated ...
at least now it is looking good.... and filled up with dvd's to add to our collection. Move over hubby's westerns and sci fi's ..... make room for my Sherlock Holmes collection.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

As I read my yahoo mail today from the groups I am in and own... it seemed that every third email had a photo of a puppy in it. Maybe they were scans from calendars or cards or just cute pictures but they sure did make me want another little dog. ~~~~~~~

I am missing my Wilbur something bad. It's been about 16 months since he died and I can't believe that I haven't seen him for that long. But soon I'll be minding my boisterous and beautiful grand dog Chewie ... (there's a photo of him further down in my blog here).... I'm really looking forward to having him around because he loves to go walking and that will get me fit again after my 2 weeks of practically doing nothing much at all and putting on a few extra pounds. We'll play in the yard, and enjoy our time together. He's big and beautiful but such a baby when it comes to being away from his family ... so I'll take extra care of him .. to make sure he doesn't fret ....... He'll be good company ...... I love him lots. I'm certainly "a dog person".... I would love to be surrounded by them all day long...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hot day today in the old country town. I'm not liking the heat. Coming from Australia I think I've had enough of it to last me a lifetime.... I'd much prefer to be in the cold and in the snow.


I really like to bundle up warm with my scarves and mittens ..... and to use my quilts I've made rather than have them just on the bed for decoration purposes. They really get used up here in the winter. I think I'm just getting too old now to cope with the hot days... old ankles seem to want to swell up a bit like they do on my plane trips from Oz to the USA many years ago...and that's no fun at all trying to deal with sore legs. Oh well..... at least we're saving money on the gas .. not having the furnace come on ...........................

Well Obama is still at it I see. Whilst we were away I didn't watch much news ... no Fox Channel which I love the best. All the girls there are so pretty and happy and fun to watch but not being able to keep up with the American news all that much for 2 weeks I think I was going through Fox news withdrawals. :-)) Obama is once again trying to push through some bill or another... this time the health care one which again seems to be over 1000 pages long and nobody has time to read. The country is broke, yet he keeps on spending and spending. I think he's like a teenager with a new credit card with no regard to the decades of money it will take to get out of the hole. Can't help worrying about the future of the USA...because it affects the prosperity of the rest of the world. It also seems much of the country is sceptical about the health care program...he wants passed in Congress in such a hurry. It certainly seems like a "fat cat" mentality where all the big wigs get what they want at the expense of the ordinary guy ..........

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One cute little thing I purchased at the wonderful Michaels craft store was a pretty little photo frame in the shape of a handbag. There were so many to pick from it was hard to decide. I really could have had them all. And I could have spent hours in the store looking at all the beading supplies, art stuff, paints and books etc. flowers, vases, photo frames, Mary Engelbreit goodies and so much more. I love that store.
You can click on the image to see it larger .... but the photo does not do it justice. It's very elegant and sweet in real life. :-))

I didn't buy all that much on my holiday down south to Langley, British Columbia but one thing I couldn't resist was a lovely presentation of Sherlock Holmes movies and a special one about Jack the Ripper. All in a beautiful black shiny tin. I love all things to do with both those subjects ..... can't beat a wonderful Sherlock adventure with Dr. Watson...
and I love reading all about the Ripper murders which still to this day, have no solution.

My little squirrel friends had missed me... they were waiting at the bird feeder as soon as I ventured down into the back yard to fill up the containers. I missed them too. After the lawn was mowed and the weed whacker given a good workout ... things around the yard look back to normal. It's been very hot here in northern British Columbia and even hotter down south where we have just visited. I have still not recovered from my long bus trip .... but we've also been rushing around doing some personal stuff and today have steam cleaned out carpet .......... now I need another vacation to get over the one I've just had. :-))

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I just got back from my holiday for two weeks down south .. near Vancouver... British Columbia of course. Anyway I had a lovely time.... nice to get away from our small country town.... now the lawn here is up to our ears.... my potted plant has died, I'm aching from the long long long bus trip there and back which I'll never do again.... :-(( and now doing my washing and unpacking suitcases which I absolutely hate. I didn't even take any photos which surprised me a bit but I didn't feel all that inclined to go around asking rellies to pose for me or to take pics of places I'd already been and taken before... Now for some decent sleep, with no rocking and rolling from the bus on the highway ..... and a return to my day to day stuff .......... and my daisies out the front in the small garden have taken over completely. Very pretty but very untidy and messy so that will be my duty tomorrow. I missed my little squirrel ... who turned up as soon as I put out more sunflower seeds for him and a nice cool drink.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Way to Go Mum !!!!

I turned over my calender today here near my computer desk and a beautiful brown bear greeted me. I was enthralled and amused when I read the description.
Brown bears, also known as grizzly bears, begin a yearly ritual each fall. These creatures spend most of their days eating in preparation for the winter hibernation that lies ahead. Brown bears can consume as much as 90 pounds of food each day.
The female brown bear will enter her den pregnant and will typically be carrying 2 or 3 cubs. Provided she eats enough food during the fall to obtain an adequate fat reserve, the embryos will develop as the mother sleeps.
The baby cubs are born after about two months. It is typical that the mother will sleep through the entire process!!! Once they are born, the cubs crawl around their mother and begin to nurse, with mama bear asleep all the while.
The mother's milk contains a lot of fat and calories. This allows the cubs to grow quickly so that by the time the mother wakes, they will be able to go along with her as she leaves the den in the springtime.
How beautiful and wonderous. Mum sleeps through the entire birthing process... I wonder if she even knows she's pregant when she goes into her den for the long winter. What a surprise if she doesn't know... to wake up and find a couple of little dudes beside you .... how gorgeous. I laughed when I read the bit about sleeping through the birth. God bless them all.

Ready to Roll

I'm off on my vacation tomorrow afternoon. I will miss adding to my blog but when I return I'll have lots of photos to share here with you all.
I'm really looking forward to it... so with insulin supplies in hand, clothes for cool and warm weather, *(s) ..... a book to read, spare batteries for my camera, munchies to eat on the bus, tickets, and of course my big new white handbag thats a bit like a little suitcase... I should be all set. Step daughter is coming to feed the birds for me and to water the garden if the weather turns hot here. It's been raining on and off for the past week but the ground sure doesn't take long to dry out if the temperature rises. I'll see you all when I come back... so stay tuned.... and don't forget that the archives of this blog and my Reflections of the Past blog have some really pretty goodies to snag so check those out ............................... Be good whilst I'm gone ..